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How to find domain names related to trending words

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NFT, DAO, Metaverse. If you said these words (or acronyms) years ago, people would stare at you and wonder what they meant. But today, they have become buzzwords thanks to new technologies and trends.

As new terms become popular, this may create a demand for domain names that contain those words. This creates an opportunity for savvy domain name investors to jump on the bandwagon by registering relevant domain names.

For example, was registered in January 2021 and sold for $49,999 in August 2021. registered in February 2020 and sold for $25,000 in May 2021.

Keyword Research: Finding trending words

The first tip for registering before a valuable domain name disappears is to keep an eye out for trending words.

Here are where to find trending keywords:

  • Google Trends – You can find the most popular search terms on Google. Make sure you don’t have any branded domains registered, as many of the most common searches are for brand names.
  • Twitter – Follow people researching cutting-edge technology and new ideas to find trending keywords.
  • Business and technical publications – Keywords are often popular in niche communities and grow from there. Research journals, academic forums, and niche technology sites are great places to look for keywords.

Of course, finding available domains for popular words can be difficult. You may need to register a domain name before a hot word becomes common, and there is always a risk that the word will disappear and become unpopular. Meanwhile, it may be too late to wait for the word to appear in a mainstream publication like The Wall Street Journal. So act early, but don’t go crazy by registering too many domains for new trending words.

Find matching domains:

Then you have some buzzwords that you think will catch on. So, how do you find the relevant domain name for registration?

One of the coolest tools can be found in Namecheap: Beast Mode. Beast Mode makes it easy to search hundreds of top-level domains and try word combinations.

How to use beast mode to find relevant domains for your keywords.

  1. Enter keywords. In beast mode, you can enter up to 5,000 keywords, but I recommend entering them one at a time.
  2. Select the top-level domain you want to search (e.g .com, .xyz). You can choose any of the 500+ top-level domains, or choose categories related to your keywords, such as finance or audio and images.
  3. Select the prefix/suffix to add to the word. This is where the magic happens when the keyword you want is already registered in most extensions. Here you can add words at the beginning or end of your keywords, such as B, get [keywords], or buy [keywords] to search all top-level domains.

Domain Rating:

Once you have a list of available domains for registration, you should take a step back and consider which domains are most likely to be resold in the future.

For example, for the .field hockey top-level domain, technology-related keywords may not make sense. (I say probably because  eth.field Hockey was sold last year. Eth is short for Ethereum, a blockchain. It’s a mystery).

Again, a warning: your top keywords may not be popular for long. So it’s a good idea to do a few registrations before you’re sure the word is making its way into the popular world.

Have fun:

You may be busy finding new keywords and their corresponding domain names. Beast Mode lets you quickly search for endless combinations. It can even be addictive.

So, find a new buzzword or hot word, use beast mode, find new domains!

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