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How to improve a website SEO?

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Having a WordPress website that respects the rules of SEO is very important for better visibility and positioning in search engine results.

As a matter of fact, natural search engine optimization or SEO is a powerful tool that allows you to increase traffic on your website as well as your sales, but that requires great effort and deep expertise.

Before creating your website with WordPress, you must first have a domain name (.ma domain name) and choose the web hosting formula that suits you.

If this is already done, the following tips could be very useful to offer your website more visibility and to rise up your rank on search engines.

Choose your website’s name thoroughly

It may seem to you that the name you choose for your website is not a very important step.

However, it is this title that allows you to reach your target, and that allows search engines and your visitors to understand the essence and concept of your site/blog, resulting in an increase in traffic.

Implementation of SEO extensions

Among the multiple advantages of a CMS (Content management system) such as WordPress, we find the possibility to install extensions and plugins to better manage your website.

On WordPress, the most popular and recommended SEO extension remains Yoast SEO.
This goes back to the fact that it doesn’t only improve the technical optimization of the website but also helps you write good content. In fact, it allows you to choose keywords for your website and encourages you to use them more frequently but especially correctly.



There are other excellent extensions that are completely free and that can help you get good results in SEO. We quote: The SEO Framework, SEOPress, SEO Squirrly, Wordlift and many others.

To set up one of the SEO extensions on your WordPress site, just go directly to the Extensions/Plugins section of your WordPress dashboard. All you have to do then is to find the extension you’re looking for, install it and activate it afterwards.

You can then access the extension settings and edit them according to your requirements.

Optimizing permalinks

On the Settings section of your WordPress dashboard, you will find permalinks. These are very important to search engines. They allow Google, for example, to identify the content of your website and to have a clearer idea about it.
It is therefore important to know how to customize these links so that the website is properly listed.

N.B: Try to avoid special characters and numbers to make your permalinks easier and easier to read.

The quality of the website’s content

Writing good content is essential for a good website natural referencing.
As a matter of fact, content rich in keywords allows Google to understand and interpret it more effectively, and thus better position it in its results.

You can consider it as a simple game. If you want to focus on a specific keyword, you can use synonyms or similar words. This allows Google to guess and understand that you want to position the word in question.

However, be careful not to use a word very excessively as Google may consider it spam and penalize you. This will impact the natural referencing of your website.

Insert internal links

The insertion of internal links or as it is called the internal mesh is mainly based on the inclusion and the set up of links that redirect to other pages of your site. This method allows your visitors to spend more time on your site.

You can also use the external mesh. The only difference is that you use links that redirect to other websites that you consider reliable and relevant. This helps you improve the quality of your content.

So the trick when talking about the internal or external mesh is to know how to link the contents together in an intelligent and efficient way.

Image optimizations

Images are an essential element that plays a huge role in the development of your website but also in its SEO’s quality. The use of images is undeniably a great advantage for the visibility and relevance of your site.

It is therefore necessary to pay special attention to the quality of the images used by taking care of contrasts, colors and dimensions. Several image editors are at your disposal to correct the quality of your images. Photoshop remains the best and most popular.

SEO WordPress

On another hand, make sure that your images are not heavy. In fact, the heaviness of the images can be the source of the slowness of your website. This slowness can itself be the cause of a bad positioning among Google search results, and therefore of a poor natural SEO.

To deal with this problem, you just need to optimize your images using either a dedicated plug-in or using a website online such as Optimizilla. This website allows you to have less heavy in terms of size, but very interesting quality.

Another tip not to be neglected is to rename the images used. A simple picture description using the keywords will allow Google to reference them correctly. As a result, your website’s traffic will be better.


Natural Referencing or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful tool for the success of your site or blog designed with WordPress. However, this SEO requires monitoring and maintaining several aspects over the long term.

By implementing these few tips that we offer on your site, you increase the chances of improving the visibility of your website and its organic traffic.

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