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What is SSD Web Hosting? What are the Advantages?

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SSD vs HDD Hosting

SSD web hosting based on solid state drives (SSD) is one of the new technologies introduced in the world of data storage and web hosting.

Indeed, the hosting of any website requires several tools and technologies to ensure its proper functioning. That said, SSD is effectively replacing traditional hard drives (HDD) to improve the performance of websites that adopt it.

What is SSD web hosting?

SSD Web Hosting, whether it is Cloud or VPS hosting, operates on servers that store data on SSD disks, i.e. on flash memory chips using semiconductors. SSDs are storage spaces that keep and preserve data even in the event of a power failure.

What is the difference between HDD and SSD?

In reality, HDDs and SSDs look very similar in terms of physical characteristics, but perform differently. We can cite a few differences at this level:

1- The essential difference that we immediately notice is the absence of mechanical movements at the level of the SSDs during the storage operation. Indeed, SSDs are devoid of any moving element, thus avoiding shocks, failures and loss of stored data.

What is SSD Web Hosting? What are the Advantages? 2

2- Unlike HDDS, SSDs do not consume a lot of energy and therefore overheat less. That said, SSDs are still more efficient and faster.

3- SSDs last much longer than HDDs and remain functional and efficient throughout their useful life.

4- The last difference to report concerns the cost. Because of all the benefits and advantages that SSDs provide, it is natural that their cost is more important than that of HDDs.

What are the advantages of SSD web hosting?

-The advantage for which most people opt for SSD web hosting concerns the speed of downloading the pages of the site. Indeed, the solid state drives make it possible to increase the speed of hosting of 20 times approximately. This plays a critical role and greatly influences the traffic received on the site.

– SSD web hosting gives access to a more efficient and more efficient site. SSD has the ability to perform multiple queries at the same time.

-SSD disks are more resistant to shocks that can arise from HDDs. That said, if you want to preserve and keep your data and that of your customers safe, SSD is the best choice for you.

-Although the first SSDs that appeared had a fairly limited storage space, this technology is experiencing constant and rapid improvements. Today, the storage space of SSDs even exceeds that of hard disks.

-The fact that SSDs consume less energy and therefore hardly ever cause warming worries especially allows large data centers to reduce their costs in terms of electricity, power and cooling loads.

Why choose SSD web hosting?

Usually you have the choice of whether to go for SSD or not. However, in some cases, this choice becomes necessary and essential for the accomplishment of your project. We can cite:
-Large Cloud data centers
-High traffic sites
-Dynamic sites that require more energy to download pages
-E-commerce sites
-Sites where there are a lot of inputs and outputs (registrations, online payment, orders, etc.)


Although SSD web hosting is more expensive than Hard Disk Drive, its performance is well worth it. All Cap Connect web hosting plans have SSD service by default, which you can benefit from.
If you need further clarification or have questions; you can contact the technical team on support.

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