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WordPress 6.0: The list of new features

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WordPress continues to follow its roadmap: the most popular CMS on the market has just announced the release of WordPress 6.0 Beta 1! The Beta phase takes place 6 weeks before the final release, scheduled for May 24. WordPress 6.0 brings many new features…

WordPress 6.0 Beta 1 allows us to test many new features, including design and

Among the new options related to the design of your website:

Perform style change:

It is now possible to change the appearance of pages through block themes without completely changing the theme. WordPress 6.0 also supports the native font API using PHP or theme.json, which increases the styling possibilities.

Save styles: you can now save custom styles for blocks and buttons.

About the design

Additional templates at your disposal: Access the block to edit 5 more additional templates, namely Author, Date, Category, Tag, and Taxonomy.

Improved design tools: WordPress 6.0 features a new color panel, more transparency options, additional block variants, and the ability to select a cover image and control its exact size.

New Blocks: Discover new blocks such as comments, More Info, No Results in Query Loop, Author Bio, and Avatar.

WordPress 6.0 also offers new usability features:

Multiple selections: select text in several blocks and edit it more easily.
Block UI: You can disable options that allow you to move or delete blocks directly in the editor.
List view improvements: WordPress 6.0 includes new keyboard shortcuts for selecting
multiple blocks to edit, or using the default collapsed view to display your content more

How do I access WordPress 6.0 Beta 1?

To access WordPress 6.0 Beta 1, you can download and test WordPress 6.0 now! THE CMS reminded the following: “Testing ensures that this and future versions of WordPress are as stable and bug-free as possible. Everyone can participate, especially members of the WordPress community.” You can order your web hosting now and test WordPress 6.0

That said, there are 3 different ways to access WordPress 6.0 Beta 1:
Method 1: You can install the WordPress Beta Tester plugin, and then select the “Bleeding
edge” channel and the “Beta/RC Only” feed.

Method 2: You can download the Beta version directly.

Method 3: You can use WP-CLI: “wp core update –version=6.0-Beta1”.

(Warning: Be careful not to choose this method if your file system is not case-sensitive).

WordPress reminds you that this version is still in development and specifies that you should not “install, run and test this version of WordPress on production or critical sites in order not to run any risk that will damage your website or device”.

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