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WordPress Toolkit Deluxe: Manage your WordPress Website Easily

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WordPress Toolkit

WordPress Toolkit Deluxe is now available for free on all our web hosting plans. This tool is the future of website creation, WordPress management that adds a bundle of exciting features to the management interface.
This tool simplifies the management of WordPress websites and allows even users with basic knowledge in website creation to perform complicated tasks right from their cPanel account. In this article, we will find out what WordPress Toolkit is? What are the new features of the WordPress Toolkit Deluxe version? And how can these new features simplify your Website’s management?

What is a WordPress Toolkit?

WordPress Toolkit is a management interface that simplifies the managing experience. Whatever your skill level in the field, the WordPress Toolkit provides time-saving solutions such as installing, configuring, securing, updating, and managing WordPress websites. This Toolkit replaces cPanel’s WordPress manager, and it is easy to install.
This all-in-one Toolkit solution was available in the free version and is now in an upgraded Deluxe Toolkit version. But, why is the new toolkit version considered revolutionary to website management? And how is it different from the Softaculous WordPress manager?

WordPress Toolkit or Softaculous?

The Softaculous WordPress Manager is the tool to handle your WordPress website creation and management. It also allows you to update several settings for your WordPress installation without even logging into the WordPress admin panel. The Softaculous manager is available on all our hosting packages.

WordPress ToolKit or Softaculous WordPress Manager are both excellent tools to manage your WordPress. But, the WordPress toolkit offers a bundle of options that aren’t available in the former WordPress Manager. Some of the most important features are:

A Customizable Installation: the installation process in the WordPress ToolKit takes only a few seconds and enables the user to customize the website each step of the way.

Theme Set & plugin Installation: with WordPress ToolKit, you can install predefined plugins and themes once you set the website. This feature makes it easier for beginners to create quality sites.

1-Click Logins: the option allows you to log in to the admin dashboard of any website with a single click.

Password protection: the tool ensures automatic security tweaks and activates password protection.

As we mentioned briefly, this managing interface offers a collection of great tools. The new WordPress Toolkit Deluxe version provides additional revolutionary features to make site creation and management easier than ever before.

WordPress Toolkit Deluxe

WordPress Toolkit Deluxe

WordPress Toolkit Deluxe is now available with our packs and includes all the features of the WordPress Manager in addition to other advanced management options that will change your site experience:

Site Cloning: In one click, the Deluxe toolkit can clone any WordPress website copying The files, the date, the settings, and creating a subdomain that allows you instant access to the cloned site.
Site Staging: A staging site is a cloned copy of a website. The Copy Data tool in the dashboard can copy sections of a staging site to a production one in seconds.

SMART Updates: You no longer have to waste time testing the updates you wish to make on the staging site. This new feature runs a series of tests and allows you to preview the results on the website. The option produces a report on an interface and, you can compare the site before and after the updates. If you are satisfied with the updated version, the WordPress Toolkit deluxe deletes the clone and applies the production website.

Mass updates: the Deluxe version allows you to make changes to multiple sites simultaneously. For instance, you can scan sites and selectively apply any WordPress core or plugin updates for many websites at once.

One-click mass Hardening: By default, WordPress Toolkit will automatically apply all vital security measures when you use it to install WordPress. With the WordPress Toolkit deluxe with only a few clicks, you can improve the security of your WordPress websites by clicking options such as :
block access to potentially sensitive Data
block access to sensitive files
block directory browsing
block unauthorized access to wp-config php
change default administrator’s username
configure security keys
disable file editing in WordPress Dashboard
disable PHP execution in cache directories
enable bot protection
Enable hotlink protection


These are just some of the new features of the WordPress ToolKit Deluxe. The new feature upgrades your site management experience at cPanel & WHM helps you manage hundreds of WordPress websites and keep all these multiple WordPress installations updated, saving you hours of work and a great deal of effort.

If you are curious to know more updates and tips to leverage your online presence, make sure to follow our blog posts.

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