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What is a domain name?

A domain name is your identity on the internet. Your domain name allows you to obtain email addresses and a website customized to your brand, name, company, products, website.

With Cap Connect, you can choose the domain name that suits you - or your business - from the wide variety of domain extensions available to you. You can also transfer an existing domain name to Cap Connect. When choosing your domain name, it is important to choose a name that represents the spirit of your business in a concise and catchy way. A good name should be easy to remember, promote and have an appropriate extension.

Why register a “.ma” domain name?

The “.ma” domain is an Internet top-level domain that identifies the Internet space for the Kingdom of Morocco. Registration and the use of the “.ma” domain names are subject to clear rules in order to protect the rights of third parties.

The “.ma” is an identity point. Choosing and registering your domain name under this extension affirms that you belong to the Moroccan Internet community.

By ordering a .MA domain name, you declare:

+ Have read and accepted the .MA domain naming charter and alternative dispute resolution procedure.

+ Have consulted the list of reserved terms and that the domain name ordered does not appear there.

Choosing the right domain name is a crucial step for the success of your website. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect area:

The field must be easy to type and easy to remember. You may have to dictate your domain over the phone or in person to potential customers. If they can not spell it later, they may not find your website.

Your domain should be unique Avoid confusion with your competitors or you may end up sending them some of your visitors and prospects!

Use keywords that describe your product, services, or brand. This will help your website get better results in search engines such as Google. For example, your domain could include the city where you live, one of your main products, or the brand you are marketing.

Choose the right extension, or "type" of domain. With over 300 new extensions available, you are now in a unique position to select a type of domain that more closely describes your business. You can target customers in a geographical location (.MA), hobby (.hockey, .soccer, .Golf) or even with a little humor (.Lol, .ninja, .wtf). By using one of the new domain types, you also greatly increase your chances of finding an available domain with the keywords you need.

Register several relevant variants. This could include domain spelling mistakes, useful variations, or geographically targeted domains. No need to build separate websites for each domain: you can easily redirect them to your main domain with our tools. Several companies choose to protect their brands by registering their domain with several popular endings.

Do your research and make sure your domain choice is not someone else's intellectual property. It will help you avoid costly legal problems that may cost you more than your domain name!

La gestion de votre nom de domaine est facile avec l’Espace Client. Il suffit de cliquer sur les domaines pour lancer le gestionnaire de domaine. À partir de là, vous pourrez:

Mettre à jour vos serveurs DNS

Gérer vos paramètres DNS avancés (A record, CNAME, TXT et MX)

Rediriger votre domaine vers une autre adresse

Rediriger vos emails (premium)

Mettre à jour vos informations WHOIS.

Verrouiller ou déverrouiller votre domaine

… et plus!