Email PRO

Email with your own domain name. Communicate with your clients and collaborate with your team with simple and affordable tools.

Email PRO

You have all the features that your business needs on a mail server, the email pro solution is for companies wishing to have a stable messaging quality!

5 GB mailbox

POP, IMAP and SMTP access

Access to your mailbox via the Internet

Email address with your domain name

Address Book & Calendars

Automatic answering machines

Anti-spam & Antivirus filter

125 dhs per user/year



Options comprend

An e-mail solution in the image of your company

Take advantage of a personalized domain name to use a unique and personal email address. ex:

Webmail Roundcube interface

You can view your e-mails from a simple web browser via the multilingual Roundcube webmail included in all our offers.

Migration and a secure environment

With Cap Connect, easily and easily migrate your external email accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc ...) to Cap Connect in a secure way

Anti-virus and anti-spam protection

Our email service is protected against viruses, malware and spam. Your activity is therefore perfectly protected

professional email solution

What is a Professional Email?

The Email Pro solution is a professional solution for your email. With Antivirus and Antispam, you avoid the loss of data, time and energy.

Each of your boxes comes standard with 5GB of disk space. You can access your mailbox using your e-mail software, in POP3 or IMAP mode, but also via the Internet thanks to the WebMail function as standard in our Email Pro offers.