Terms and conditions

1. Scope and conclusion of the contract

Cap Connect a registered trademark of AGRAWMEDIA SARL-AU limited liability company with capital of Dhs 150,000.00, registered in the commercial register of Tangier under No. 68997 whose head office is located at Leonore Offices, N 25, Avenue Beethoven, Tangier, Morocco.

These general terms and conditions relate to Cap Connect's offer and services offered on its Cap Connect.com website (hereinafter "Merchant Site").

The offer is without commitment. By acceptance (written or electronic) or by the use of the service, the customer (hereinafter "the customer") accepts the terms and conditions, including the other integral parts (in particular the price list and the terms of payment) of the contract with Cap Connect.

2. Services and rights of AgrawMedia

2.1. Cap Connect offers the service of Internet hosting and domain name selling services under the conditions of the accommodation package ordered. Cap Connect provides the services in the operating environment it has available. Cap Connect may use third parties to provide the service.

2.2. Cap Connect can adapt service delivery for reasons of fact. Changes to the service provision come into effect by informing the customer by letter, e-mail or other suitable means. Customers approve the version, valid at a given time, through the use of service delivery. Article 4.3 is applicable for price increases.

2.3. If a competent authority denounces the unlawful use of the service provided by Cap Connect, if such use is obvious or if there is a relevant suspicion of such use, in particular on the basis of the indication of a third party, then Cap Connect may require the customer to use in accordance with the contract, suspend service for an indefinite period and / or terminate the contract with immediate effect and without compensation. Other measures of AgrawMedia in the case of unlawful use of the service or similar suspicion are reserved. Cap Connect can take the same measures when the customer ignores the contractual provisions.

2.4. Cap Connect acquires an Internet domain name on demand. The holder benefits from an exclusive and personal use of the domain name that he has registered during his period of validity. (See Article 23 of the naming decision)

2.5. Cap Connect can be contacted by any of the means provided on the contact page of its merchant site, Cap Connect undertakes to update this information in case of change within a period not exceeding 24 hours.

2.6. Cap Connect services are not limited geographically, they can be ordered internationally.

3. Liability and obligations of the client

3.1. The customer is responsible for the information (language, images, sounds, computer programs, data banks, audio / video file etc.) that he and the third parties who communicate with him, have transmitted or used by Cap Connect with his agreement that they have broadcast or that they keep ready for consultation. The customer is also responsible for referrals (especially links) to such information.

3.2. The posting or installation of redirection scripts to illegal information (in particular representations of violence, pornography, discrimination, calls for violence or offenses, gambling, violation of rights of authors, trademark rights or other rights of immaterial property, personality violations, unsolicited mass emissions, etc.) and molestation are prohibited. The customer acknowledges the rules of conduct, the general conditions and the provisions of use that are communicated appropriately by Cap Connect (in particular on the Cap Connect website or by email). The customer must observe the netiquettes.

3.3. The legal requirements of Morocco and abroad must be observed when using the service.

3.4. The customer is responsible for putting the information into service.

3.5. If Cap Connect registers an Internet domain name for the customer, the latter acknowledges the contractual terms and conditions of the registrar who is responsible for assigning the domain name. The customer has no claim against AgrawMedia in connection with the acquisition of domain names. In no case Cap Connect is responsible for the registration in directories on-line or off-line and in the list of members ... etc. The customer bears the registration fees.

3.6. The customer makes sure that the user identification and password are not known to other people and that the information on this subject is not made accessible.

3.7. The customer agrees not to send mass emails to people who have not made the request ("Junk mail" or "Spamming"). Any sending of unsolicited e-mail by their recipients is strictly prohibited. A complaint for spamming by a user will result in the suspension of the hosting contract. It also includes SPAM through a misconfigured script on the client's website and allowing access to its features from outside the server.

3.8. The client has the possibility to create and execute his dynamic scripts (PHP, MySQL ...) on his own hosting space. This use must be reasonable, however, in order to provide a good quality service, we reserve the right to suspend sites using scripts that consume a large percentage of system resources and thus jeopardize the proper functioning of the server. hosting.

3.9. The posting of malware, files containing viruses or malicious scripts is strictly prohibited. In case of detection of such files, Cap Connect may suspend the service for an indefinite period and / or terminate the contract with immediate effect and without compensation. This measure is also valid in case of detection of malicious files injected by hackers from unsecured scripts, CMS, modules and plugins not updated on the hosting package of the client.

4. Billing and payment terms

4.1. Cap Connect services are prepaid services, the customer must make the payment before the activation of the service.

4.2. Upon delay in payment for renewal, Cap Connect may suspend the operation of the service provision and / or terminate the contract with immediate effect and without compensation.

4.3. Cap Connect reserves the right to change prices at any time. Cap Connect announces any price increases in time, so that the customer can dissolve the contract during the cancellation period. Without written cancellation during this period, the modifications are considered as accepted by the customer.

4.4. To pay for an order by credit card, the customer must choose the means of payment among those offered by Cap Connect at the level of the Order Form (Visa, MasterCard, MasterCard or CMI). Payment by Moroccan credit card is secured by Maroc Telecommerce which offers a fully secure payment service, the payment transaction being carried out on the secure platform of MTC, the customer's banking data do not pass on the computer system of AgrawMedia and are not brought to the attention of AgrawMedia or its staff. The responsibility of AgrawMedia can in no case be committed to this end, which the customer recognizes and accepts expressly and without reservation, in accordance with Article 30 of Law 31-08. The customer guarantees the Cap Connect Company that he has the necessary authorizations to use the method of payment chosen by him, during the validation of his order. In the case of payment by credit card, the provisions relating to the fraudulent use of the means of payment provided for in the agreements concluded between the customer and the issuer of the card on the one hand, and between Cap Connect and its banking institution. another part applies.

4.5. The customer can use his right of withdrawal in accordance with the legal provisions. To do this, the customer must contact Cap Connect to warn of its intention to return all or part of the order, within 30 calendar days from the date of commissioning. Failure to comply with this obligation of return as indicated above will be considered as a waiver by the customer of the exercise of his right of withdrawal. This right of withdrawal concerns only web hosting services.

4.6. The customer must make sure to check the conformity of the products activated following his order. If after the processing of his order he notices that he has received a service that is not in conformity with that ordered, he must contact the AgrawMedia sales department within 48 hours after activation of the service, in order to proceed with the replacement of the service. service delivered by the one initially desired. Any claim made after this time will be rejected and Cap Connect will be released from any liability.

5. Warranty and liability

5.1. Warranty and liability of AgrawMedia

5.1.1. Cap Connect does not provide a guarantee for trouble-free operation of the service. Cap Connect can not guarantee the uninterrupted service, the service at a specific time and the quality of the data recorded and transmitted. Cap Connect is not responsible for the inadvertent publication of data, as well as for their deterioration or erasure.

5.1.2. Cap Connect is not liable for any claims or damages that arise at the customer's or customer's, especially for damages due to data loss, or because of the impossibility of obtaining the data. access to the Internet, or to send information or to receive it.

5.1.3. Cap Connect can not be held responsible for fraudulent use and third party damages, for security breaches of the telecommunications network and the Internet, and for repair and support service costs.

5.1.4. Cap Connect is not responsible for business interruptions that are used to troubleshoot, maintain, introduce new technologies, or for similar purposes.

5.2. Customer's warranty and liability

5.2.1. The Customer is liable to AgrawMedia for all damages that relate to the breach of its liability and contractual obligations.

5.2.2. If Cap Connect, a member body, a manager or a collaborator of Cap Connect was criminally, civilly or administratively prosecuted for the wrongfulness of the information proposed by the customer and / or asked for accounts, the customer is then responsible for pity. Claims for moral damages are reserved.

5.53. Cap Connect is bound to fulfill its obligations only to the extent that no event of force majeure hinders them.

6. Protection of personal data

The Parties undertake to take all necessary measures to ensure that any processing of personal data, carried out pursuant to the provisions of this agreement, complies with the provisions of Law No. 09- 08 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the texts taken for its application.

7. Confidentiality

The parties treat confidentially all information that is not known to everyone, nor accessible to everyone. When in doubt, the information must be treated confidentially. This obligation to maintain secrecy already exists before the conclusion of the contract and lasts beyond the end of the contract.

8. Term of Contract and Termination

8.1. Cap Connect guarantees (in accordance with Chapter 5) the duration of the contract for a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual term, depending on the type of product and the maturity period chosen by the customer at the time of ordering.

8.2. The contract binding the customer to Cap Connect may be terminated in writing by each party with a period of 30 days for the end of the term of the contract.

8.3. Cap Connect may terminate the contract with immediate effect and without compensation if a bankruptcy or insolvency proceeding has been instituted against the client, or in the event of unlawful use or following a denunciation by a competent authority (see Article 2.3) .

8.4. The customer can request the cancellation of his order at any time before receiving the confirmation

activation of his service. Cap Connect reserves the right not to accept this cancellation request in case an installation procedure is already initiated, in case of acceptance of this request by Cap Connect, the payment will not be refunded, and will be made to the credit of the customer account to be used for payment of subsequent orders.

9. Litigation - Jurisdiction

The general conditions of sale are governed by Moroccan law. Cap Connect and the customer undertake to seek an amicable solution before any legal recourse. Any dispute to which these conditions could give rise will be brought before the Commercial Court of Al Hoceima.

10. Legal information

Publisher and webmaster of the commercial site: AGRAWMEDIA SARL

Host of the merchant site: AGRAWMEDIA SARL

In case of navigation problem on the merchant site, it is possible to contact Cap Connect directly on 0539 35 15 42.