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20 dhs
Pack ECO
  • Espace Disque 1 GB
  • Trafic Mensuel10 GB
  • Comptes E-mail 1
  • FTP Accounts 1
  • Bases de données1
  • Subdomains1
  • CPU Limit500 MHz
  • Memory Limit256 MB
  • I/O Limit(IO)1MB
  • Hourly Email Limit10
  • Concurrent Connections10
  • Addon Domains
  • Parked Domains10
  • Mysql Version5.6
  • PHP Versions5.0,6.0,7.0
  • Certificat SSL
  • Accès SSH
  • Sauvegarde quotidienne
  • Softaculous
  • 24/7 Mail Support
  • Phone Support
30 dhs
  • Espace Disque 10 GB
  • Trafic Mensuel50 GB
  • Comptes E-mail 10
  • FTP Accounts 10
  • Bases de données10
  • Subdomains10
  • CPU Limit1 GHz
  • Memory Limit500 MB
  • I/O Limit(IO)2 MB
  • Hourly Email Limit20
  • Concurrent Connections20
  • Addon Domains1
  • Parked Domains50
  • Mysql Version5.6
  • PHP Versions5.0,6.0,7.0
  • Certificat SSL
  • Accès SSH
  • Sauvegarde quotidienne
  • Softaculous
  • 24/7 Mail Support
  • Phone Support
80 dhs
  • Espace Disque 100 GB
  • Trafic Mensuel500 GB
  • Comptes E-mail 100
  • FTP Accounts 100
  • Bases de données100
  • Subdomains100
  • CPU Limit3 GHz
  • Memory Limit2 GB
  • I/O Limit(IO)4 MB
  • Hourly Email Limit100
  • Concurrent Connections100
  • Addon Domains3
  • Parked Domains100
  • Mysql Version5.6
  • PHP Versions5.0,6.0,7.0
  • Certificat SSL
  • Accès SSH
  • Sauvegarde quotidienne
  • Softaculous
  • 24/7 Mail Support
  • Phone Support


Included With Your Web Hosting Package:

Panneau de contrôle convivial

User-friendly control panel

Simple and efficient control panel powered by cPanel and Cloudlinux.

Disponibilité 99.9%

Availability 99.9%

We can ensure 99.9% availability of your sites.

Sauvegarde quotidienne<

Daily backup

Backups on a separate infrastructure for superior reliability

Logiciels 1-clic

1-Click Software

More than 300 programs, including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla ...

Sécurité de premier plan

Free SSL Certificate

SSL encryption is installed by default on all packs

Conçu pour bien performer

Designed to perform well

Up to 3x faster than the competition

Protection Firewall

Firewall protection

Advanced CSF Server Firewall Configured to Counter Intrusion

Assistance Technique

Technical assistance

To provide you with any information when you need it

web hosting Morocco

Softaculous 1-Click Installation

From WordPress to Joomla via Prestashop, easily install more than 300 programs in minutes. These scripts cover most projects. It covers a wide range of categories so that everyone can find the script required for each project.

Content management systems such as Joomla, wordpress blog engines, Prestashop or Magento for ecommerce sites are installed in few clis without any prior technical knowledge.

cPanel - Control Panel

cPanel is a Linux-based control panel designed for web hosts. Consisting of a graphical interface allowing the automation of the parameters, web site hosting is thus simplified.

Indeed, cPanel is the most popular and feature rich hosting control panel. It combines all the tools and features of your hosting plan into one central point. The cPanel interface is intuitive and easy to use, even for beginners.

web hosting Morocco
web hosting Morocco

Automatic backups

Every day, we perform an automatic backup of your databases and files on your hosting.

Thus, you are sure to always have a recent and operational version of your website available when needed. For example, when an update of your website is not proceeding at all as planned and you want to quickly cancel the last changes.

SSL Certificates for Everyone with Let's Encrypt!

SSL encryption is installed by default on all Cap Connect web hosting packages. No competencies are required to set up and renew certificates every three months. The HTTPS protocol is automatically activated when you create your website.

Let's Encrypt represents an OpenSource project. Certification is recognized by the most popular web browsers.

SSL Certificates


We offer 4 different packages. PACK ECO is ideal for testing a new web project. PACK MINI is an affordable package to start a new web project. PACK PRO offers professional performance, premium features, and more. PACK EXTRA offers the best performance for the most demanding websites. If you have any doubt about the choice of these packages, we advise you to contact us.

Yes. Having one's personal domain name means owning one's own space on the Internet. When we register a domain for you, you will have the possibility to keep your e-mails and your website as long as you want, because the domain is registered under your name. If you want to transfer your domain to another host, you will be free to move it to whoever you want.

Your hosting plan is activated as soon as your payment is saved. In the case of the credit card or Paypal, the activation is almost instantaneous. For the bank transfer, it is necessary to send a proof of your payment for a quick validation of your order. For the check, it usually takes 24 hours after receiving the mail.

Have you already created a website that is hosted by another provider? The transfer to Cap Connect is very simple to perform. Contact our technical support service and we will transfer your entire website to your new hosting package at Cap Connect.